[GRASS-Italia] Grass Addon Submission: d.sites.color

RafDouglas Candidi Tommasi Crudeli ct a ns2.ehleng.com
Lun 13 Ott 2003 12:59:07 CEST

Dear Grass Users,

I want you to know that an improved version of "d.sites" module, which was 
called "d.sites.color", was submitted to the grass developement team.
You can find the file at:


It enables the user to display a sites file in grayscale (256 shades) or 16 
color, according to the value of a given attribute. The user can also 
specify a min-max range to display, and the color-scale is stretched 

In the tarred file you find the sources and a man page (html format)

The module was written by
dott. Mauro Bailotti
Studio Candidi Tommasi,
v.Tavagnacco, 89/9
33100 Udine - Italy

and is to be distributed under the GPL license 

Best regards,

         RafDouglas Candidi Tommasi C.

Dott. Ing. RafDouglas Candidi Tommasi Crudeli
ct a ehleng.com

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